Choosing a Whiplash Claims Solicitor

When seeking representation for an accident that involves whiplash there are a few things to consider. When choosing a whiplash claims solicitor make sure they are actually working on your behalf. One mistake people make is to allow the insurance company to provide the name of a solicitor. In some cases they even try to intimidate you into using injury claims solicitors that they provide.

You should never use a claims solicitor that the insurance company provides. You need a whiplash injury solicitor that is only worried about your needs, not one that feels some obligation to the insurance company.

Another type of solicitor is a claims management company. These companies are not actual solicitors who can represent your case. When finding a whiplash compensation solicitor you need a person or firm that actually understands the laws and your needs. If you do not even know if you need a solicitor following an accident, contact one to discuss your case. You may find out that your whiplash injuries are more significant than you thought, and you need a legal solicitor to assist you in the claim itself, and also to help find a physician.

Some whiplash symptoms are hard to recognise unless you know what they are. Few people have enough experience with whiplash to know them. Your whiplash claims solicitor will be able to help you get all of the information together to make a successful case. Along with instructing you on the right information, they can give you an idea of what a fair settlement for you claim.

The amount of a settlement will depend on several different variables that your solicitor can garner from your information such as time lost from work, medical bills, living expenses, automobile damage and pain and suffering.

No win No fee Whiplash Injury Compensation Solicitor

As a No win No fee whiplash injury solicitor with over 10 years of experience in helping clients get the most out of their settlements, we can tell you that you should never hire a injury solicitor that charges a fee without a settlement. We have won over £10,000,000 for our clients, and during that time have never charged a fee if no money was awarded.

The average time for a claims solicitor to go from start to finish with an insurance company is 8 to 10 weeks. This is highly variable, however, and all solicitors will have to have some leeway with that time because it is really up to how fast the insurance company works.

If you have an injury from an accident, don’t wait, call us and let us be your whiplash claims solicitor. The average whiplash settlement is at least £1,000. Very often it can be much more, if you have lost time from work or your car was damaged badly. There are a lot of extra costs involved when your solicitor files your case, and they will all add up to either an expense for you, or a settlement in your favour.

The choice is up to you. Pay all of your own expenses from an accident, or let the insurance company pay you like they should. If you want to get what is owed, give us a call and we will be your whiplash claims solicitor.

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